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Privacy and anonymity on the internet

Way back in the day of dial up modems it was relatively easy to be functionally “anonymous” on the internet. Every time you dialed in you got assigned a possibly different IP address, and you could have accounts with as … Continue reading

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Lonely Cat Lady Criticizes Other Woman’s Husband for Publicly Finding His Wife Attractive

Do you ever want to know why feminists can’t be pleased? Enter one Sam Escobar, who chooses to use “they” pronouns rather than gendered pronouns. Sam lives in NY, with two cats, and has published for a long string of … Continue reading

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Barrel Heat and Wandering Groups

There is an old “everyone knows” myth about barrels having “internal stresses” that can show up when the barrel heats by shifting the zero, or opening up groups. It’s a fine hypothesis in that it does explain the observed phenomena, … Continue reading

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Millennial Soldiers and Radio Emissions

Major Cavanaugh, Army Strategist, laments the fact that today’s youths are attached at the hand to some sort of smart device 24/7 which emits easily detectable radio emissions. Also, while it is true that millennials, as “digital natives,” are … Continue reading

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