An example of “cultural grievance.”

You can find the entire article here: “For Our White Friends Desiring To Be Allies.”

If you don’t want to read her words, I have given the quick paraphrase here just to “sum up” the entirety of her argument.

1. Shut up, whitey.
2. Shut up, really this time, cracker.
3. Read a bunch of authors that believe in systemic racism, because only minority authors have valid opinions on history and culture.
4. Never express any sort of disbelief, you ain’t been there honkey.
5. Don’t ask questions until you’ve exhausted all other sources.
6. Never mention colorblindness, because you did read all the minority authors back in step 3 right?
7. Pay us for being black, seriously. We don’t care about your ancestors, simply because you are white you enjoy “privilege” and therefore need to pay people of color.

So here’s my response.

1. No. My voice will not be silenced simply because you think it unfair because I’m white.
2. No. My voice will not be silenced by political correctness.
3. No. I will not support a cultural grievance that can NEVER be satisfied (note, a cultural grievance is a feeling of victimhood passed down through the generations, whether or not any of the living people who claim to be victimized by some other group have actually been victimized by that group, a classical example is Croat v. Serb in the Balkans).
4. No. There are too many fake “hate crimes” committed by minorities in order to “raise consciousness” to take anything at face value.
5. No. The “I’m tired, emotional work isn’t free/takes a toll” excuse for not explaining yourself is a bullshit cop out.
6. No. There are things that should be colorblind, such as hiring and promotion practices in order to eliminate personal biases. There are things that shouldn’t be colorblind, like scholarships to advance certain minorities.
7. No. Reparations are unworkable. The black community can’t agree on what “reparations” should look like (is it the 40 acres and a mule? is it a one time payment? is it a lifetime payment? How much? Only for black people who had slave ancestors? Or including black people who emigrated freely after the end of slavery?). Reparations would do nothing to enable black citizens to be better represented and integrated into society, and it would do nothing for equality.

But, since this is my blog, and I’ve had enough nonsense from race and class dividers, I’m going to share a snippet of crazy from the originally linked article.

Colorblindness is totally impossible in a nation whose land was taken from the indigenous inhabitants through an attempt at genocide and horrific colonization. The same nation that enslaved humans and exploited them in every way imaginable built a nation on their backs, hung them, hunted them, and for centuries kept them from their basic inalienable rights and still does.  The same nation that exploits and deports immigrants who were promised refuge within the American Constitution. The same nation that incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II and continues to promote bigotry, exclusion, and violence against LGBTQ/gender non-identifying folks. This nation that allows swastika-wearing, Confederate-flag-toting, anti-Semitic racists to have a platform for their hate. The same nation that promised religious freedom, yet targets those who do not believe in a white, capitalist Jesus.

1. You are saying that colonization is bad because natives couldn’t effectively resist, but protecting immigrants is good because of “The Constitution?” Seriously, lady, which is it, colonization or immigration? And FYI, Immigrants are not promised refuge in the Constitution. Since there was no functioning government to handle immigration for “white settlers” it is a cop out to call it “colonization” rather than “immigration.”
2. The Nation is what? The Federal government that did the incarceration which has Federal equality standards and guidelines in place to prevent discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or ethnic heritage? Or is “The Nation” a collection of people you disagree with?
3. Yes “This Nation” allows swastika wearing, Confederate flag toting racists to exercise freedom of speech (that part is ACTUALLY in the constitution, as opposed to some made up promise of refugees to immigrants). This is what allows you to write stupid made up clauses into the the Constitution, and allows me to mock you for your ignorance.
4. Yeah, the “white capitalist Jesus” thing… Look lady, you can’t end racism by being a racist. If you are trying to refer to Muslims, you just dismissed all security concerns in the exact same paragraph where you hated on white immigrants for using violence to attain political power over an indigenous population. Think about that for a moment, if you are capable, and realize that white people understand the power of political violence, and so do Muslims.

Now, it could be that the cultural grievances laid out by Courtney Ariel are things she really believes, with the core of her being. However her beliefs are how the process of Balkanization takes place, separating people who share a common language one grievance at a time until it becomes ok to kill each other because each side has the social approval to do so by their culture. The real difference between Courtney Ariel and the KKK? No one with any sort of social or political power takes the KKK seriously, whereas Courtney is expressing a mainstream viewpoint taken very seriously by the Left.

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2 Responses to An example of “cultural grievance.”

  1. Kevin C says:

    You totally characterized their comments. You might as well argue with yourself.


    • rthtgnbs says:

      I will assume you are using the “singular they” to refer to the author of the article with whom I disagreed.

      I paraphrased each numbered point down to what is the essential element of that point, and I did add some language to provide emphasis, because the author goes on and on in a very wordy manner. She includes “you are a very lovely person” several times in order to temper the .message she is sending that being a “very lovely person” isn’t enough to satisfy her in what conduct she believes a “white ally” should embrace, with the structural argument that if you aren’t a “white ally” you are part of the “white structural oppression.”

      If you feel that I did not correctly root out the essential element of each point, feel free to use this comment section to voice your opinion. After all, “listen more: talk less, You don’t have to post something on social media that points to how liberal/how aware/how cool/how good you are. You are lovely, human, and amazing. You have also had the microphone for most of the time, for a very long time, and it will be good to give the microphone to someone else who is living a different experience than your own.”

      Seriously, she’s telling people to stop posting things on social media, as somehow not posting on social media (aka virtue signaling) will allow someone to listen more. Thankfully I’m neither woke nor liberal in the leftist sense.

      When she says, “you’ve had the microphone for most of the time, for a very long time.” Do you think she is talking to white people in general? Yes, yes she is. She’s not talking about a 19 year old college freshmen who couldn’t have had access to a microphone for more than 19 years, and she is most definitely telling that 19 year old college freshman to “shut up, whitey.” and trying to couch the language in such a way as that the “woke and liberal” crowd will do so.


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