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Choate “Ultimate Varmint” Stock

Initial impressions of the Choate “Ultimate Varmint” Stock with the words “Designed by Major John Plaster” molded into the left side…. Context for the rifle: I have an older Savage 10FP Tactical 308 with 20″ barrel that still has the … Continue reading

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An open letter to all Americans concerning US Army Officer commissioning sources.

Dear citizens of the United States of America, The US Army is many things to many people, and given the history of the United States, our military tradition maintains three separate rank structures. These are Enlisted, Warrant Officer, and Officer … Continue reading

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Tactical Heresy: Holsters and Tourniquets

First up on “Tactical Heresy”; Uncle Mike’s Nylon Holsters, Blackhawk! Serpa Holsers, and should always carry a tourniquet? Hopefully I’ll be able to address why these “tactical truths” came from with some historical context, and then explain why they they … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Shooting: Armchair Assessment

The murderer’s motives are probably going to go down in history as a complete mystery unless something comes up in the autopsy that points to a brain tumor or other disorder. The murderer’s plan was pretty simple, get to a … Continue reading

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