Ten things I say to toddlers slash grown ass women.

No, it’s my turn to talk.
I listened to you.
And while you feel very strongly about your feelings,
it doesn’t change the facts, the situation, or the options going forward.
Mmmm… no thank you.
I won’t share access to my electronic devices or communications with you.
Please think about what you are saying.
I don’t know why your friend did that.
She is your friend, why don’t you ask her?
You know what?
I’m going to take some alone time now.
Wow! When you hit and call me names it hurts me.
Why do you feel entitled to hit me and call me names?
That is my wallet.
It is not for taking any time you please.
That makes me feel exploited.
I need to concentrate on my work.
Work is what pays the bills.
Please be patient and let me finish this.
Being distracted is dangerous.
Paying attention to an electronic toy puts you at risk.
And if you are distracted you put others at risk.
Please pay attention to what you are doing.
Yes you are very pretty.
But that doesn’t mean you can be mean to people who are less attractive.

This list is inspired by a rabid feminist who made a list of ten things she says to toddlers and men. The point I’m making here is that men don’t have a monopoly on childish behaviors, and deliberately comparing men to toddlers is just as insulting as deliberately comparing women to toddlers.
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2 Responses to Ten things I say to toddlers slash grown ass women.

  1. B says:

    What…no random comments from white knights or ultra feminist?! What is the internet coming to when you cannot trigger someone with a blog post like this?! I’m starting to lose faith in the predictability of this kardashian generation 😦


    • rthtgnbs says:

      Well, you could stir the pot and link this blog post to some post modern feminist site and watch the insanity ensue. Except that even hardcore feminists recognize that there are women who physically attack men, invade their private spaces, and use them as a walking ATM. Someone’s gender doesn’t determine whether they are good or bad, despite many feminists claiming “fuck all white men.” Of course most of the feminists who state that are not attractive enough to take up on the offer….


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