Sexist, racist and wrong

Here is an example of black racism and sexism.


The reason why this is wrong is because:

All the data points to the Black community as the highest rates of domestic violence with almost twice the numbers over the white population.

The data doesn’t support “whites” being the largest source of terrorists in the US:

The data on rapists indicates that black women are 10% more likely to be raped than white women, and that while there are more white men convicted of rape in prison, when norming against population (53% of convicted rapists, about 40% of the US population), black men are massively over-represented (43% of all convicted rapists, about 6% of the US population).

The data on killers is also heavily skewed against black men, despite being about one fifth of the population size of white men, accounts for almost 50% of total homicides tracked by the FBI.

Now the last charge, of “racism” there is no way to have hard and fast numbers to compare, bu that’s fine because the word “racist” simply means “some white person who won’t give me more free money!” the same way “sexist” simply means “anyone who doesn’t support extra privileges for women!” However, since we are talking about racism, if we go by group consensus as some sort of meaningful metric then there is more consensus that blacks are more racist than whites:

So there you have it, facts. And the facts say that white men aren’t the devil. And if someone responds with, “Well the black community only has those problems because the whites oppress them” it’s just another variation on, “well the devil made me do it!”

Then again, every American has the right to be wrong. Wrong about facts, and wrong about their opinion on throwing babies to be ripped apart by wild animals.

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