The rhetoric of genocide

You can’t commit genocide until you “de-humanize” the group you want to kill.



You easiest way to dehumanize them is to make them seem like the biggest threat to life, liberty, and any sort of happiness. You need to indoctrinate them young, and keep the fear pressure on as much as you can.


Then…you need to double down. You need to make the point, over, and over that there is absolutely NO WAY TO REDEEM the group you want to eliminate. You need to make the argument that there is simply no peaceful solution.


Use whatever media outlet you have to reinforce the message that this group is evil, and completely worthless:

Repeat this over and over, and when called on it just say “we want to start a dialogue, and we aren’t racist because racism can only come from a place of power.” As if the pages of a magazine, or editorials in a newspaper, were not occupying their own place of power. Rely on the reader to believe that the dehumanization is really a good faith act rather than a deliberate attempt to dehumanize a target population for extermination.

And someone will pick up on it:

And another:



Right now the only things stopping genocide against white Americans is that white Americans are still a majority, and still have a viable means of self defense. All the other pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place.

How’s that for a conversation starter?

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2 Responses to The rhetoric of genocide

  1. B says:

    Gosh, how chipper is this conversation. It’s sad but currently any verbal defense from the pinker shades of humans is racist and supremacist….in fact anything I contemplate writing at this point looks like it belongs in a chapter of the turner diaries or on some storming forum. Now we wait for the bubba effect…


    • rthtgnbs says:

      Well, the collection of random ethnic groups referred to as whites are expected to be a minority in America by 2043, so there are a few years yet before it is likely to see pogroms.

      That’s the part I didn’t mention, like the Boer farmers, or the Jews under the Third Reich, you need to be a “visible” minority for all the bad stuff to happen. Otherwise it just ends up as civil war the way the Balkans did. Funny how it’s “pogroms” when the ones doing ethnic cleansing are a majority, but it’s “civil war” when there are roughly equal numbers.


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