Never talk to a cop.

With one caveat….a cop is never talking to you for your best interest. A cop is always talking to you because you are a person of interest.

The caveat is if you had to contact the police because you are reporting a crime you will have to talk to the cops, but even then, you really want the assistance of an attorney. If you did anything (shot at an intruder, discharged a firearm) or posses anything (gun, drugs, large amounts of cash or precious metals) you should definitely contact a lawyer and get assistance in dealing with law enforcement.

Remember, you always have the right to remain silent. I really hope that should you need to exercise that right that you have the ability.

Now, there are hundreds of thousands of police officers in the United States and most of them are good people just trying to get through the day the same as any other person. But no matter how good of a person they are, they can make a mistake, and those mistakes can have very disparate outcomes on people like you and I. Don’t try to be helpful, don’t try to prove your own innocence, just exercise your right to be silent and use your access to counsel. Because no matter how much your attorney charges, it’ll be chump change compared to jail.

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2 Responses to Never talk to a cop.

  1. B says:

    Was this fallout from the Disney trip?

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    • rthtgnbs says:

      No, fallout from the FBI using the “Russian election tampering” to create crimes against members of the Trump administration. When the investigation into a non-issue is used to send people to jail for being confused about when they talked to someone in a perfectly legal manner (and you can be the FISMA courts authorized the recording of any conversation with that ambassador) is used to prosecute, it’s simply disgusting.

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