The Mueller investigation has transparently appeared to many Americans as a politically motivated witch hunt.

I didn’t lay down the timeline of the witch hunt, but thankfully someone else did:

Now…I don’t normally put too much stock into obviously partisan news sources, but even if the “spin” is a bit over the top, I don’t find anyone disputing the facts.

And the facts are this: All of the convictions associated with the “Russia” scandal have been “procedural crimes” created by the investigation itself, and now the investigators are looking to interview President Trump. Why? Because the entire basis for the Russia probe is a politically motivated witch hunt and if the investigation team can catch Trump in any factual inconsistency, they can use that “procedural crime” to provide some semblance of legitimacy to the witch hunt. After all, everyone knows that Trump is evil, and so he must be guilty of something, right?

This…is the weaponizing of our legal system to achieve the political ends of the Democratic party. Sally Yates, possibly the most morally corrupt leader in modern DOJ history has essentially sanctioned sedition and treason. Our President is still a citizen of the United States, and still has the rights of every citizen, and the current situation of the legal apparatus deliberately attacking a citizen should scare the shit out of everyone of us.

Cliven Bundy, support him or hate him, had the entire charges against him tossed and the government’s ability to bring him to trial for the same again. The reason for this is that the prosecution hid exculpatory evidence and engaged in deliberate misconduct in some misguided crusade to destroy the Bundy family. 

The DOJ, under the direction of Sally Yates, went after Howard Root with the flimsiest of cases only in order to send a message to other CEOs. The jury acquitted Howard Root: and since then the DOJ has played dirty with regard to Mr. Root in the professional circles:

Ask yourself if you want a Department of Justice that uses the essentially unlimited power of the State to go after individual citizens based on their personal politics? How do you send the message to the DOJ that their actions are completely unacceptable on their face and the damage done to their reputation is not easily repaired.

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