Ideology indistinguishable from a mental disorder.

One of the most caustic things that someone can do in a relationship is tell the other party that they need therapy. I say that to illustrate how necessary it is to recognize that leftism is indistinguishable from a mental disorder.

This recent article about the infamous Newman “so what you are saying is…” interview is just the latest observation in a long line of interactions with Leftists:

Eight years ago Joe Huffman coined the term “Peterson Syndrome” to describe people who were utterly incapable of testing their own ideology against real data:

Heck, back in 2005 there was even a best selling book “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

The good news is that the election of Donald Trump has made the mental disorder shockingly obvious to people who had previously been lulled into some sense of normalcy. The Obama years didn’t see too many raging incoherent leftists if you downplay Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, Million Mom March, Million Man March, and Black Lives Matter…. Sure those organizations were the fringe, right? Well, now it’s all Trump all the time on every news station, and how creepily they are analyzing and over analyzing every word and tweet…is like seeing an entire crowd of schizophrenics go cold turkey off their medication.

But, in any relationship where you tell the other party that they are crazy and need therapy to get back in touch with reality, expect the nastiness to ensue. That’s why the Leftists have been seeing Fascists and Nazi’s at every turn while turning a completely blind eye to the death toll of Communists.

So, how does it feel to be locked into a political marriage with crazy people?

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