Your body is a distraction

Every few months some teenage girl will be sent home from school for violating some poorly defined dress code, and all sorts of feminists will hashtag out “my body is not a distraction!” and the wrath of the social justice warriors will get their panties in a knot.

Here’s the thing, if you are a moderately attractive woman in a good light, odds are damn near 100% that your body is in fact a distraction.

But but but Roland! Just because my body is a distraction doesn’t make that my fault at all! It’s the dirty nasty teenage boys who need to learn self control!

Yes, teenage boys do need to learn self control. No argument there.

But if you had horrible body odor that was impacting the well being of people around you, then you are the problem. If you were largely deaf and were enjoying your music at 110 decibels from a large stereo system, you are impacting the well being of people around you and you are the problem.

The human body has five recognized senses, and if your very existence in some place is having an impact on those around you, maybe you need to turn down the music, go take a shower, or graciously wear something less distracting.

Because feminists, if you want to be treated like something other than a piece of meat by young men, barely socialized, who have the worlds highest concentration of naturally occurring testosterone running through their bloodstream, you need to recognize that “they just shouldn’t be affected” is bullshit. As much as I despise Islamic doctrine, calling an uncovered woman “uncovered meat” is a very honest statement about both the effect an attractive woman can have on a man, and the place of women in Islamic society. Then again if I were Muslim no feminist would dare disagree with these words because that just wouldn’t be done since Muslims rank higher on the “victimhood Olympics” to see who has a bigger claim to “oppressed minority.”

And lastly, “they should just not be affected” is just more science denialism from feminists. The mere presence of an attractive woman triggers hormonal changes within a man, and if I’ve learned anything from feminists it is that hormonal shifts are a perfectly good excuse for irrational behavior.–visiting-sex-club.html

But hey, even a blind man can be affected by the presence of a woman, because pheromones she lets off impact his hormonal response to her presence.

Now, I wish it really were a world where everyone could wear whatever the hell they want, from micro bikinis to burkas and everyone else would just “live and let live” in a totally Libertarian fantasy. However, that is not the case, and having a large population of young men and women in the throws of sexual maturation probably means that adults need to act like adults and make sure that some basic common sense is applied so that Sexy Sally doesn’t destroy the grade point average of all her male classmates simply by being herself. The same way that Odiferous Olaf needs to be told to go home and shower if he stinks up the place.

Is it fair that your body is a distraction? No. It isn’t, and that sucks. But evolution doesn’t give a rats ass about “fair” and the best thing for a woman to do is to learn to ruthlessly use all the advantages that evolution gave her. After all, since life isn’t fair, no point in not playing the cards you’re dealt to the best you can.

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