More short range training ideas

Here’s some ways to get serious short range training value, listed from longest range needs to shortest.

How to use a 22lr to simulate long range sniper shots (out to 200 yards or so):

Use an air rifle to play the “MiniSniping” match game (out to 40 yards or so):

Set up a “1,000 Inch” range (25 meters), use one and a half inch black circles as targets to give you a 6 MOA aiming black target. Put ten circles per page, shoot to hit all ten within a half inch of center (the 10 ring).

Set up a reduced distance MiniSniping course, using spent 22 rimfire cases at 22 yards rather than 9mm casings at 35 yards.

Set up a 10 meter (33 feet), use standard 10m bullseye targets, and practice three position (standing, kneeling, prone) or four positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, prone) shooting. Shoot for score.

Set up a 5 meter range, use 5 meter BB gun targets, practice three our four position shooting. Shoot for score.

I hope these ideas help you get better practice.

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2 Responses to More short range training ideas

  1. Dick says:

    Still in Service?

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    • rthtgnbs says:

      Yeah, got a reprieve from mandatory retirement. One more semi-serious look at promotion this summer, odds are I’ll be passed over again. Finally got an NRA High Power ranking card in the mail, gonna try to upgrade it by the end of this year. Thanks again for all the reading material on shooting accurately 🙂

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