Information Warfare, you only have your own brain to blame…

Sorry to keep assigning homework, but all three of these are very short reads.

A nice explanation of why incentivizing corruption in the form of positive trending metrics breeds corruption in always reporting positive trending metrics:

But on a flip note, sometimes metrics trend positive all on their own, for example the world is getting better, yay!

But here’s a good explanation as to why everyone thinks the world is getting worse:

So where does that leave us? Well, it leaves us right back at Wizard’s First Rule.

People are stupid. They can be made to believe any lie because either they want to believe it’s true or because they are afraid it’s true.”

And here we are, living in a world where the people who incentivized years of corrupt data to show things were continually getting better are blaming easy access to firearms and the “evil AR-15” for the logical consequence of every single government agency involved deliberately not doing their damn jobs. But the truth doesn’t matter, because gun banners WANT to believe that it is a guns fault for being too “deadly” or “scary looking” or “accurate” or “easy to use.” And they are also afraid that all those things are true, that somehow picking up an AR-15 will render the new wielder the ultimate power of the Thunder like someone worthy picking up Mjolnir and feeling the power of Thor run through him.

The world is actually getting better. Despite an uptick in “mass shootings” overall violent crime continues to trend down. But because people are addicted to bad news, the news media pushes out anything negative with a “if it bleeds, it leads” mantra to make people think the world is trending in the opposite direction of reality.

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  1. Dipika says:

    My experience was so but worked on myself and now different so can say with certainty that for one person at least in some situations , no longer so and being so is possible

    Using the intellect to filter the stimulus and not have impulse – reflex based response but rather considered conscious response. And no bias or response between the positive and negatitive inputs and stimulus in the gut or the body



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