Suppose white people buy guns because they are afraid of black?

That is the conclusion that one would come to if they followed the logic of “The Root” writer Michael Harriot who insists that there is absolutely no danger to white people from black people. You can read all of his racist drivel over at “the root”

Well…lets do some analysis of places where Blacks have attained supremacy over whites, and look at the outcomes of those places to determine whether or not whites have anything to worry about.

Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D.C. Clearly all of those wonderful cities have absolutely blossomed under Black leadership. Then again, headlines like “Highest Murder Rate Ever in shrinking Baltimore” might not be the best endorsement of black (and Democrat) leadership…

So maybe the US isn’t a great example, how about we look overseas, to a place where blacks have overcome institutional racism to seize political control, you know, beautiful South Africa? Unfortunately, the news isn’t so sunny from there either and from the looks of how things are being reported in the news, it seems that blacks in South Africa are using their newly gained political power to murder white people and take the land they’ve lived on for generations. Just like they did in Zimbabwe.

Well, maybe South Africa is a bad example, how about cultured and cosmopolitan France? What? The yearly car burning by Algerian immigrants topped 1000 again this year? Well, if not France then how about Sweden? That’s such a nice welcoming country that, damn, 10% increase in rapes reported last year? Well…just ignore Sweden because it’s not like we have another example of blacks immigrating to a largely Scandinavian population and causing problems…  Except we do…Minneapolis…and unfortunately within 15 years of coming the rise of Somali gangs was a bit of problem

So…does anybody have a success story for Michael Harriot to tell on “The Root” so that there is just one data point so that he can have something other than racist smarm and the logical ad hominem fallacy that “white gun owners are uneducated racists” to try to get his point across?

This is the world we live in now, and black Americans really out to own up to their part in it, because if you choose to always be the victim you can never choose to be an equal.

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1 Response to Suppose white people buy guns because they are afraid of black?

  1. DW says:

    There you go, confusing us with facts and logic.

    It will be interesting (only because I don’t live there) to see if SA devolves into the next Zimbabwe. Sad to see the only previously real democracy in Africa destroyed.


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