A common lie

Occasional actress and over the hill lolita Melissa Joan Hart repeated the oft spoken lie that “nobody is talking about taking away the rights of law abiding gun owners.”


Lets just be clear about this for a second Mel, mind if I call you Mel? If you are asking about changing laws, which by definition only the law abiding are going to follow, who the fuck do you think you are going to impact with your changes to laws? Newsflash for the blonde, murder is already illegal, and “tightening up the laws” to make it even more illegal isn’t going to do either jack or shit.

Here is how a more honest conversation would go….

“I want to change the laws regarding guns.” She says.
“Ok, which ones?” I ask.
“Oh, I want to make it harder for law abiding people to get guns, you know so that bad things won’t happen.” She says.
“Hold on, I thought you said you weren’t trying to take away the rights of law abiding gun owners?” I asked.
“I’m not.” She says, airily tossing a few stray locks of blond hair over one shoulder, “We just need to make it harder for people who shouldn’t have guns to get guns.”
“By making it harder for law abiding citizens to exercise their rights?” I ask, incredulous at this point.
“No, they’ll still have the right to own a gun, but with additional hurdles to get a gun.” She responds, “See, no infringement at all on gun owners rights.”
“So if I say that every voter needed a voter ID card you wouldn’t call that an infringement, just so that we can be sure that law abiding voters are voting?” I ask, one eyebrow raised.
“That’s different, in fact that’s so different you must be a racist meany to even bring up the subject of making it harder for minorities to vote!” She replies, carefully manicured nail wiping a fake tear from her eye.
“Look Mel, we can’t compromise because you don’t see any negative impacts on me based on what you are doing, and I gain absolutely nothing from giving in to what you want, so logically the only thing left for me to do is fight you absolutely as hard as I can.” I respond.
“Well, that’s not nice.” She pouts.
“No, it isn’t nice, it is my very survival.” I respond, “You and your allies keep deciding that the compromises already made weren’t enough, and keep coming for more without offering to give back some of what has already been taken. Your side decided that this would be a ‘win/lose’ scenario and that you would do whatever it took to be the winners, even dancing in the blood of the innocent.”
“That’s grotesque, we’re done here.” Mel huffs off.
“We’re just getting started.” I respond as millions more sign up for the NRA because of posts like Melissa Joan Harts which lack the basic decency to be honest about who laws actually target.

And seriously, with the President of the United States saying this:

“I like taking the guns early,” Trump said during a televised meeting on gun laws at the White House on Wednesday. “To go to court would have taken a long time.”

You had better bet that there are people talking about taking guns, and curtailing the rights of citizens without due process.

Because people are talking, and using words like “confiscation” and “ban” to describe what they want to accomplish.

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2 Responses to A common lie

  1. thinkingman says:

    AWWW. Be Gentle! I mean, after all, it makes PERFECT sense to someone who thinks “hate speech” is ANYTHING that she disagrees with!

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  2. DW says:

    Stalin & Hitler must be losing it in hell, watching how successful the public education system has been at creating several generations of indoctrinated drones, without a clue or logical cognitive thought.

    My wife and I are struggling to manage life with two mothers suffering with Alzheimer’s. As challenging as it can be at times, given a choice if the shtf, I think our moms would have a better handle on things than these snowflakes.


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