Separate Americas

The are at least two Americas. Really four, despite at least one map maker mapping out eleven distinct regional differences…

You have the two types of coastal liberals, the left coast and east coast personified in LA and Manhattan respectively. You have the “urban island” liberals (like Chicago, Detroit, or Memphis).

You have the “heartland conservatives” from places like Wyoming, Utah, and Oklahoma (bunch of other states as well) and you have the “Southern conservatives” from everything that tried to secede way back in the days of the War of Northern Aggression.

One thing that the liberals have in common is that they see specialization as the natural order of things. A teacher teaches, and when a  pipe breaks a plumber gets calls. A software engineer is a software engineer, who sees no problem in not owning a car or learning to drive one because Uber and Lyft will provide cars with drivers. This is only natural because the very thing that makes cities economic powerhouses is the concentration of specialization. In the liberal world, “protectors protect, and if you aren’t a protector you shouldn’t protect.” These people see humanity as a dynamic, communal event that requires ever person to do their part for the good of the community.

The conservatives on the other hand…. well they live in places where expertise is not concentrated. If you need something fixed, the cost to hire a specialist to do it is prohibitive. This is the natural order of farmers, truckers, loggers, and anyone else who finds their method of livelihood dependent on the whims of nature and the technology to accomplish a lot of labor in a time frame set by mother nature. These people routinely grow their own vegetables and slaughter their own meat, or they know someone who does and they don’t mind. They see other people as family, friends, or competitors. Even as competitors they don’t necessarily hate the other folks (though feuds can become downright epic and multi-generational every once in a while).

I don’t think that there is any common ground to be found. Two people separated by a common language.

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2 Responses to Separate Americas

  1. DW says:

    Well you should know, being from Washington state, I know from friends from there, that there is the “Seattle clan” and then the rest of the state. Talk about two people separated by a common language! Progs and patriots as it were.

    We are in agreement, the problem remains, what’s the solution?


    • rthtgnbs says:

      Somehow there must come a time when the “progs” must feel the full consequences of their policies, and be able to repent.

      Otherwise, Pinochet had the right idea, as there really is no other option to someone who is willing to kill you and yours in the “glorious peoples revolution” than a one way helicopter ride.


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