What is your normalcy window?

One of the most obvious disconnects between the “coastal liberals” and the rest of the world is that the “normalcy window” or “frame of reference” that they inhabit is not a shared experience. It is one thing to talk about how wonderful and good having the Federal Government provide all your food, housing and healthcare, but I don’t think any of the people with that beautiful world vision really understand that once you go that route eventually it turns into Pine Ridge and generational poverty. But Liberals float around in this “normalcy window” where everybody agrees that government should fix all their problems, and we live in such a prosperous nation that they can see all the successful people with their trappings of wealth, and they “just know” that there is all this wealth out there that could be put to better use, like giving everyone free college, birth control, and whatever cause of the day they want other people to pay for.

In short, liberals need to be mugged. They need to be hit upside the head with the brick of reality and have some consequences for their actions. Notice how few colleges are doing this, because so many parents failed to do this. And it created a huge population of people in dense urban areas who have a “normalcy window” skewed to that echo chamber of ideas.

Meanwhile, out in hillbilly redneck flyover meth country….

And there are pockets of blue in solid red states, and pockets of red in solid blue states. You break it down county by county, you’ll see that America is largely much more purple than red or blue.

The triggering factor for this is one of the current gubernatorial candidates for Hawaii has a shtick where he talks about working his way to a college degree from the pineapple canning factory floor. That’s awesome, that’s what happens when you don’t subsidize college education with “free Federal dollars.” Without subsidies colleges have to do that accounting where if they can’t make their tuition affordable by students, students don’t come. When you subsidize the students, tuition and rates go up, so now it becomes literally impossible to work your way from the pineapple canning plant floor to a college degree. Not because the pineapple canning plant doesn’t pay a fair wage, but because the college has been removed from needing to account for “supply and demand” in their accounting and financial planning.

Unfortunately, despite the long string of poverty and misery that socialism and communism have brought to the nations that have tried it (and seriously, we are not Scandinavia, and even Scandinavia backed away from government control of the economy because they were smart enough to realize they absolutely sucked at running an economy), there are those who still see the street fighting in Venezuela as a temporary setback of no importance.

Because in their normalcy window, everyone agrees college should be free. In their normalcy window, they don’t have to see where food comes from. They exist in this great big playpen of civilization, and complain that the playpen isn’t fair enough.


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1 Response to What is your normalcy window?

  1. J Pritchett says:

    RE: Hawaii .gov candidate. He also want a uniform $15.00/hour starting wage to raise those workers “out of poverty”. They are called “entry level” jobs for a reason. I’m 70, work full time because I can’t pay my cancer survivor wife’s meds without company medical. Where’s my help? The democrat party has this state bent over “the barrel”. The price I pay.


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