Watches that increase in value over time

There are on the internet various lists of watch brands that gain value over time. The familiar names of Rolex, Patek, Jaeger, Omega, etc are almost always the first ones listed. One of the brands that is almost never listed is Seiko. But just because Seiko as a brand isn’t known for creating time pieces that increase in value over time, doesn’t mean that a particular watch made by Seiko is a loser over time.

If you don’t believe me, check the ebay prices on a Seiko 6105 dive watch from the Vietnam era. What was once a sub 100 dollar dive watch (in real dollars, between 500 and 600 of today’s dollars) is usually going for more than twice its original value. The second generation of the Seiko Monster is also one that has increased in price lately, while the first generation of the Monster seems to be holding steady in value.

Vintage Hamilton watches have seen a boost in price due to the prestige of the modern re-incarnation of the brand (although remain relatively modest in price compared to the new versions), and Clive Cussler nearly single handedly created the market desire which brought back DOXA (which definitely helped the Orange Monster’s popularity as well, being the only real orange faced dive watch with similarly stunning look).

This blog post really isn’t meant to be a buyers guide of any sort, the internet is full of those already. And some brands have “brand equity” that seems to be a market constant, and some brands don’t. There is no guarantee that any particular Seiko will increase in value, and many of the budget oriented Seiko offerings clearly will not increase in value despite being a good value for purchase (seriously, the Seiko 5s are a great value even if they don’t increase in value). But, some Seiko’s do seem to increase in value like the 6105s and 2nd Gen Monsters, but not the 7002s and 7003s or 007s.

So if you have an old Seiko, and you find that it’s going for way more than you paid for it, good for you! If not, enjoy the watch you have, and maybe the market will turn around on you at some point in the future.

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