Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

One of the worst mistakes that you can make in military terms is to “misunderestimate” your opponent, the situation, and the second and third order effects.

The election of 29 year old Boston University graduate (Economics and International Relations) Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez represents the rise of an incredibly astute woman in terms of political instincts. She took on the Democratic Caucus Leader, and won. She won with a 194,000 dollars against his 3.4 million dollar budget for the primaries.

How did she do it? She did the exact same thing that Trump did. Get people passionate enough to vote for her because she’s something different than the “status quo.” She successfully branded herself, for better or worse, as something other than just another Democrat.

Fox News has decided that they can’t talk about Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez enough, ridiculing her inability to plan ahead for her own financial needs, her inability to back up any of her claims with actual analysis or fact (despite her claim that the GOP tax cut could fund all student debt in the US, she didn’t explain how 1.5 trillion not taken in over a decade would pay for 1.5 trillion owed today). But it gets her screen time, and it shows other Leftists that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is a woman who pisses off the right, and by gum if she pisses off the right then she’s the woman for us!

Let me break it down Barney style.

Trump got elected for only two reasons. 1, he wasn’t Hillary. 2, he pissed off leftists.

Ocasio-Cortez got elected for only two reasons 1, She wasn’t Crowley. 2, she pisses off conservatives.

Trump dominates the news cycle by saying outrageous things which CNN ridicules.

Ocasio-Cortez dominates the news cycle by saying outrageous thing which Fox News ridicules.

Now I don’t know how Ocasio-Cortez is going to get along in the Democrat party. They threw out Joe Lieberman so the precedent is set that they can and will throw someone out for being “too centrist.” They never threw out Bernie Sanders, despite being way more Communist than Socialist, so I think that you can’t be “too far left” in the current Democratic party.

I knew that if we were going to win, the way that progressives win on an unapologetic message is by expanding the electorate. That’s the only way that we can win strategically. It’s not by rushing to the center. It’s not by trying to win spending all of our energy winning over those who have other opinions. It’s by expanding the electorate, speaking to those that feel disenchanted, dejected, cynical about our politics, and letting them know that we’re fighting for them. – Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

So it is clear that so far, not compromising has been part of a winning strategy for her. It’s also been a winning strategy for Trump (and the rest of the Republicans seem to utterly hate him). Ocasio-Cortez has gone so far as to publically announce that she is looking to expand on her success by getting other radicals elected in “soft blue” districts:

I have no idea if the Dems will try to pull a coup and take their party back from the extremists, or if the solid wins of openly socialist politicians like Ocasio-Cortez will keep the ever leftward slide of the Dems on track. I do expect that she will either succeed wildly like Trump or fizzle spectacularly like Palin over a longer time span.


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