Hotel Review: Comfort Inn of Barstow, California

If you, for some reason, require lodging in the Barstow, California area, I cannot recommend the Comfort Inn. Seriously.

It isn’t just one thing that makes staying at that establishment an exercise in disappointment, it’s all the little things. Like the constant freeway noise at night, or the fact that despite knowing you would be staying for two and a half weeks the hotel chose to give you the one room directly over the kitchen area so that you would wake to the sound of pots and pans banging around at 4 A.M. every day, or the fact that the heated pool isn’t, and the guest laundry is two coin operated machines and the front desk clerk will gladly direct you to a truck stop to make change….

On the plus side, the maid service seems thorough, the complimentary breakfast is adequate, and the commute to the mother of all training centers is less than an hour.  In short, you might as well stay in the RUBA and get an extra hour and a half of sleep every day rather than be treated less like a paying customer and more like a commodity used to pull money from Uncle Sam.

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