Not every “crisis” is an “injustice.”

Ponder the following statement:

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written in response to eight white “moderate” clergymen who urged MLK and the Civil Rights Movement to “show restraint,” slow down and work for change more gradually. History has decided clearly who was in the right.

Yet, how often do we hear those same arguments today in regards to healthcare, climate change, immigration, racism or any other issues demanding immediate justice? Are we more like MLK or the eight lukewarm clergymen?

Oy vey…where do I start. Lets go in order…

Healthcare. What part of my labor does someone else have a right to? What part of someone else’s labor do I have a right to? The correct answer is, “none.” Passing some law that guarantees that healthcare become a “right” does not make it immune to the laws of scarcity. The most responsive healthcare systems I’ve seen are a hybrid of public/private concerns, where the dynamism of the free market is not shoved out of the space by government. That’s why people come to the US for cutting edge treatment, and not to Spain or Norway.

Climate change. Can you point to any period in all of history where climate wasn’t changing? No? Then why is a changing climate a concern now? The earth has been both warmer and cooler in the past, both wetter and dryer, and it was never catastrophic. Using “climate change” as a thinly veiled scare tactic to take massive government intervention into the economy is just straight up bullshit. If it weren’t bullshit then Al Gore wouldn’t use 18 times the average American in terms of energy per year.

Immigration. What the fuck? Immigration is not some moral crisis of our time? Every single nation on this planet has an immigration policy that is set to protect the interests of that nation, NOT the potential immigrants from other countries. Unrestricted immigration combined with a generous social welfare state is a recipe for bankruptcy, not prosperity or “justice.”

Racism…This might be the only issue listed that actually has anything to do with “justice” but seriously, you can’t stop individuals from being racist. What you can do is address what racism you identify through legal means (and that is a highly successful tactic). Simply calling people you don’t like “racist” is just what the Left does when it doesn’t have facts, logic, or morality on its side of an argument (see immigration above).

To help out Frank Lesko, the pinko communist masquerading as a religious concern troll trying to twist the words of a Republican fighting for political freedom and equality with “climate change”, MLK Jr was not trying to take anything from any citizen. He was trying to restore the inalienable rights of Americans. He could have immigrated to France. He could have kept quiet, but he was not lobbying to take anything from anyone. What MLK Jr worked to accomplish was to address a legal and moral injustice, that did not require anyone to give up more of their personal freedoms to government intervention. Now government intervention, in the form of federal troops forcing desegregation of schools, was a legitimate act to preserve the rights and freedoms of black Americans to equal access of services as citizens. And protecting the rights of individuals is the right and proper place of government.

It is not the right and proper place of government to restrict the economic freedom of citizens in the name of “fighting climate change.” It is not the right and proper place of government to ignore the serious issues of border security. It is not the right and proper place of government to continually meddle in the health care and insurance industries. Government is, and will always be force, and force must be used as sparingly as possible else it become tyranny.

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