Condition 3 failure alternative analysis.

If you are in a business where you are likely to be on the pointy end of violence, you should carry with a round in the chamber. Cop, security guard, convenience store clerk, bank teller (if allowed by employer), are all professions where you should be carrying in a top notch kydex holster (or other type of holster that won’t deform and get floppy), and you should be regularly practicing your draw from concealed.

If you go read the article here, it sounds like the difference between life and death was carrying a round in the chamber versus not. I disagree for points that will be made aftter this linke:

Why do I disagree? Because the man in the apron died because he failed to 1) use any cover or concealment. 2) did not wait for an opportune time to engage, 3) tried to draw and rack faster than someone could pull a trigger, 4) moved towards the bad guy making himself an easier target. He died because he did everything else wrong too, not just carry in condition 3.

If you haven’t done this exercise before, get a buddy you trust, with an airsoft pistol or laser training pistol, try to draw and shoot before your buddy who has a gun on you just outside of reach range. For those who have graduated ECQC, they’ve already done this and found that it worked just as well as the guy who carried in condition 3 in the video.

The truth is at halitosis range and just beyond, you need many more tools in your toolbox than a round in the pipe. Being on the right side of the law has no bearing whatsoever at whether you survive a violent encounter. Now remember, I’m not saying that everyone should carry in condition 3, I’m only saying that I’m not going to try to shame people into the constant training regime necessary to SAFELY carry in condition 1. Remember, the number of “accidental shootings” in the US is massively in excess of the homicide rate in the United States, because you can’t train your way to perfect safety (although you can train your way out of being a dumbass).

Remember, if you end up in a violent encounter, be smarter than the other guy. Talk as long as you need to so that when you decide to engage in violence that the conditions are set so you have maximized your chances for success. If you carry with a round in the pipe, and train religiously to draw and put lead on target from standing, sitting, and laying down, be sure to add some “verbal jiu jitsu” to your toolbox so that you can set conditions for when you have to be overwhelmingly violent.

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