Cocktail Time

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my wife has an intolerance to wheat. This makes shopping more difficult, cooking more difficult, and even enjoying a libation more difficult. But not impossible. Last year for the holidays we needed to restock the booze cupboard, and during my research I found that Tito’s Handmade Vodka is certified gluten free, and Disaronno brand Amaretto is as well as the alcohol content is from distilled sugar beets or sugar cane.

1 part Disaronno
1 part Tito’s Vodka
1 part heavy cream

Mix together, serve over ice. The drink is creamy, sweet, with a hint of almonds and alcohol. Easily mistaken for a White Russian by sight, but not by taste.

Despite bourbon whiskey not being wheat or gluten free, I keep a bit on hand for my own medicinal purposes.

1 part Disaronno
2 parts bourbon whiskey
Orange twist for garnish

Mix, serve on the rocks. This drink makes good use of younger, less expensive straight bourbon whiskey that have a lot of cinnamon and fruit notes and is a nice way to serve up a cocktail without paying for top shelf whiskey. Save the older, more expensive whiskeys for sipping neat, straight, or on the rocks during special occasions.


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1 Response to Cocktail Time

  1. DW says:

    I agree! Always keep a bottle or two of good bourbon around. Warms the heart and the soul! And most likely has medicinal uses as well?


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