Serpa Holsters, they don’t suck, you are just using them wrong.

Do you jump out of perfectly good aircraft? Do you enjoy kicking in doors and shooting bad guys in the face with an M4 while carrying a pistol as a transition weapon? Do you enjoy wearing 35 lbs of body armor while rucking 55 lbs of gear? If so, the Serpa holster is for you!

If you aren’t doing any of those things, the Serpa Holster, is NOT for you.

The Serpa was designed to positively retain an M9 pistol when you’ve got a metric crap ton of stuff strapped to your body. Body Armor, Helmet, Rucksack, Radio, Ammo Pouches, Grenade Pouches, IFAK, Hydration Pouch. When you have all that crap on you, you don’t want a non-positive retention “friction grip” kydex holster trying desperately to keep your M9 in place.

So if you are air softing or LARPing some sort of Call of Duty, by all means use a Serpa, it’s great for keeping your backup pistol strapped to your chest, or leg, or wherever the hell else you put it. If you are relying on your pistol as your PRIMARY weapon, aren’t acting as part of a team where someone else can cover you while you deal with a kit issue, then DON’T USE A SERPA.

Now, there are other positive retention holsters out there that are going to work just as good or better than a Serpa for Seal Team Six or Delta Force or MARSOC or the Ranger Regiment. Those guys will get what they want, and use what they want. You can too, buy a holster that fits your specific style of defensive carry. Even a floppy nylon holster that fits your waistband and works with your belt to retain your pistol comfortably is a better choice than a Serpa, although Kydex is better for retention.

I guess a better title would be “Serpa’s suck for civilian concealed carry, work actually pretty well in a war zone.”

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