The Deep State

The movie “American Made” starring Tom Cruise is based on a somewhat exaggerated account of Barry Seal. What is likely not exaggerated is the involvement of the CIA and politicians from Arkansas, namely the Clintons.

The CIA are by law prohibited from running operations inside the United States. However I do not think that anything so pedantic as “the law” actually stops the CIA from doing anything, especially considering how compartmentalized intelligence agencies are it might just be “creative funding solutions” that people overlook because the results look good.

The coincidental death of people who either claim to have evidence against the Clintons showing up dead from things like shooting themselves in the back of the head, or having their aircraft spontaneously explode, hasn’t gone unnoticed by many of the American public. The question is, who is pulling the trigger and rigging the planes? Ironically the CIA has an entire training program to ensure that they have personnel well trained to do such activities.

The latest buzz, on Jeffrey Epstein being “someone’s intelligence asset” makes sense if that intelligence agency was the CIA, and its purpose in using Epstein was to gain leverage against politicians and business leaders who could prove to be useful to the CIA at a later time. Consider that Epstein wasn’t eliminated to protect the Clintons, but eliminated to protect the CIA.

I can’t prove any of this of course, and I wouldn’t dig too deeply considering that it seems quite clear that if the CIA has no qualms about protecting its interests by assassinating American citizens it would have no qualms about assassinating me to protect its interests. I also know that journalists who have gone digging, even as recently as the past few years, have been quietly told to back off:

Now, I would be remiss if I did not point out that George H.W. Bush served as the 11th director of the CIA from ’77 to ’78, and had a close working relationship with Bill Casey, the Director of the CIA from ’81 through ’87 when all this drama out in Mena, Arkansas was happening. Bill Casey was an old school OSS alumni, and killing communists while giving the US Government some thin layer of plausible deniability seems like a legitimate play.

So there you have it, from Mena to Manhattan, people being eliminated to protect the influence some CIA agent/director gained through years of tradecraft in drugs and sex trafficking children. The deep state didn’t every really care if it was an R or a D in power, as they had the dirt on enough of the power players to make sure that the CIA got its way.

Whether it’s true or not, it’d make a helluva screenplay.

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