How you act is more important than how you carry.

A word spoken, a bullet fired. Two things you can’t take back.

Thankfully for the officer’s son, Dad wasn’t particularly effective at delivering the bullet this time.

One of the reasons why I don’t insist that everyone carry with a round in the chamber at all times is the way potentially violent encounters happen over time.

The original “Tueller Study” was conducted by a trained martial artist, wearing a business suit and showing zero pre-attack indicators suddenly charging uniformed officers with a knife. The uniformed officers were “cognitively frozen” because businessmen don’t attack, in fact I’d bet you dollars to donuts that the number of cops attacked randomly by men in business suits with zero pre-attack indicators before the “Tueller Study” was zero, and also after the “Tueller Study” was also zero.

So lets put the Tueller Study into the correct historical context, which is that ambushes work. Predators use camouflage and stealth to sneak up on prey, the “Tueller Drill” used human camouflage to make the perfect predator. Unfortunately a lot of “training scars” have come out of this, one of which is that you don’t have time to react to deal with an empty chamber, and that you must train to muscle memory to draw and deliver aimed fire immediately.

Which is how a cop shot his son.

Increasing time also increases risk. But it also decreases the chances of a “negative outcome.” We aren’t teaching Cops to assess situations and choose a response, we are training Cops to shoot. In fact, I bet the Cop in question did not call out “Who’s there?” or otherwise identify himself in order to clarify the situation. I also bet that the Cop deliberately maneuvered through his own home in a tactical manner getting ready to pull the trigger, AS HE WAS TRAINED TO DO.

However, I find that the use of lethal force should not be trained to be muscle memory. The impact on the mental health of people who kill other people should be intense, unless you are a sociopath. If someone is involved in shootings over and over again, odds are they are a sociopath.

So, how you act is more important than how you carry, at least if you care about not shooting people if you can avoid it. Patience is a virtue, and having tactical patience to ensure that your brain is in charge of the decision to send lead downrange is very important. If you let muscle memory decide when to send lead downrange, you are still responsible for your actions, even if you were just doing as you were trained. And that, is why I think we need to change the training paradigm in the US.

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1 Response to How you act is more important than how you carry.

  1. DW says:

    Agree 100% with your last sentence, way too many people being unnecessarily shot because of very poor cop fitness, self-defense training and pulling/using their weapon “because I feared for my life” in almost every situation where a citizen doesn’t immediately drop to their knees and bow to their authority. I am not anti-cop, but there have just been way to many unnecessary and unjustified police shootings.

    Your first story fortunately had a positive outcome, probably as you said because the cop was poorly trained in handling his firearm, which worked out in this case. The case below from Florida, the cop actually killed his son-in-law by mistake. Sadly a prank gone horribly wrong, which certainly supports your position on carry condition.

    As far as AZ cops, if you live in AZ especially Mesa, AZ, I would suggest never leaving your house without your mind in condition 1, especially if you spot any cops, your CCW ( in condition 1) and wearing body armor. Those idiots shoot first and ask for a raise afterwards. That poor dude that was in his hotel room showing the .22 he used for pest control and was seen by a couple “snowflakes” below at the pool, who then called the police, who showed up at his hotel room and played the “let’s see how quickly we can get this poor citizen to violate one of our commands so that we can kill him”?

    That game took no time at all and they murdered the guy. The cop that killed him of course was found not guilty of murder and is by now probably a police chief somewhere in AZ. The sergeant in charge at the scene, obviously knew it was murder and took early retirement to the Philippines “with full pension” benefits. Thank you AZ taxpayers! All around great policing example?

    Now factor in the latest “great idea” – RED Flag laws. Things will not get better in terms of cops killing citizens.

    In closing I hate it when I hear a cop has been wounded or killed. I know that they deal primarily with the under-belly of society which is no picnic. And I know that to a large extent they have been re-tasked from dealing with “real” crime, to enforcing the confiscation of citizens monies via fines and traffic violation nonsense. Malum prohibitum replacing Malum in se. It is truly about the money.


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