Accidental firearm injury

I see crap like this all the time:

Screenshot_2019-11-06 (1) The Army's Fckups

Yeah…the prophets of “carry with a round in the pipe or don’t carry at all” have spoken their dogma over and over again. At this point I really just defend condition three carry to piss them off. And boy does it piss them off.

No one knows how many actual negligent or accidental discharges of a firearm occur in the United States every year, only that some do. Of those that do occur, we know that some people are killed, and some people are injured, based on national statistics (which don’t account for every jurisdiction).

Screenshot_2019-11-06 Firearm injuries in the United States

Source for chart: 

The numbers presented here do give some insight into accidental firearm discharge. If you are a male between 15 and 34, you are in the most likely group to harm yourself or others by accident, or at least claim it was an accident. For the 15 to 24 age bracket, 11.8% of all firearms injuries are accidental. For the 25 to 34 age group, 12.2% of all firearms injuries are accidental.

So…if I told you that you could reduce your risk of hurting yourself or others by more than 10%, would you consider listening? The trade off is 0.3 seconds, on average, of increased time to go from holster to first shot on target.

Now…0.3 seconds is not a truly trivial time. The infamous Tueller Drills showed that without any pre-attack indicators to tip off the mark, an attacker can close the distance before a uniformed police officer can draw and fire a service revolver. However, most attacks on police that are successful take place at less than 21 feet and are deliberate ambushes  and the “21 foot rule” is not what most people think it is.

Thankfully I’m not the only one interested in this subject, although the methodology of using only reported news stories suffers from the same “garbage in/garbage out” problem of not having any sort of controls on the population being studied, it also gives insight into the problem of accidental/negligent discharges:

However, not all reports are created with the goal of making firearms training better, sometimes they are done just to highlight how gun owners don’t really know how to go to the bathroom without shooting themselves:  Yes I know that hundreds of thousands of concealed carriers do not negligently discharge in public restrooms, but enough did that it drew attention. This article pointed out that there were 561 accidental firearms deaths in the US the preceding year for which data was available.

What I recommend is this, if you are a cop, you should carry with a round in the chamber and train every chance you get. If you are a citizen serious about training, then train to carry a round in the chamber.  However, do not belittle those who do not. A sudden ambush from nowhere is just as likely to kill you no matter how you carry, and if you are worried about a “mass shooter” unless you are the very first victim (unlikely) odds are you’ll have some sort of warning. So don’t belittle other concealed carriers, it’s unbecoming and ugly. If you strongly feel that someone is “concealed carrying wrong” then do your best to be helpful, because sometimes we meet that guy with an Uncle Mike’s nylon holster carrying a Hi-Point….

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