Ties to Ukraine

I came across the “scandalous” news that LTC Alexander Vindman was listed on Yorktown Solutions “Foreign Agent Registration Act” form. So I looked it up, and his name appears nine times on the document available online. So at least nine times a lobbying firm contacted LTC Vindman on behalf of their client, the Ukrainian Oil and Gas industry, once in a meeting and eight times by email. It could very well turn out that these contacts were perfectly benign, simply sending information brochures, or non-politically sensitive communications to spur investment in the Ukrainian infrastructure.  Still, there are at least eight emails I’d like to see in order to judge for myself whether or not LTC Vindman’s motivations for testifying as he has done are pure patriotism or self serving actions. Vindman’s name also appears on Signal Consulting’s FARA filing, and Signal Consulting is the firm retained by Ukrainian president Zelensky, and shows three contacts on three different occasions. Once again this is not a smoking gun proof of wrongdoing on the part of LTC Vindman, but shows a pattern of contact with foreign agents, and his own testimony showed that he worked with foreign officials in Ukraine to help them deal with Rudy Giuliani, which is pretty suspicious.

If you like, you can search through FARA filings to your hearts content here: https://efile.fara.gov/ords/f?p=1235:10

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden might  have a history with Ukraine that makes it look like Hunter was paid by Burisma to serve as a private communications channel to the Vice President.

It is illegal to act on behalf of a foreign state or corporation without completing the foreign agent registration. It is also natural for a son to call his father and talk. So the appearance of impropriety is definitely there, although I have no evidence that anything actually criminal happened. Of course actual knowledge of a crime seems to be a non-issue these days.

Still, I highly doubt that any of the current drama over Ukraine or impeachment will actually go anywhere. The Democratic faithful want to see their party “stick it to Trump” and “hashtag resist” and the Republican faithful know that Trump is going to get re-elected as long as they keep him from being removed from office by impeachment. It’s political theater both ways, as both sides want to be seen as “fighters” rather than get anything done. Which isn’t so bad, when Congress is fighting itself, it’s generally too busy to screw over the citizens.

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