State of the blog at the start of a new decade

Well, it is the 1st of January, Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty. At the moment of typing I have 64,646 total views from 48,116 visitors. I’ve typed 51,167 words last year. My total word count has been falling continuously for the last three years. In 2016 I wrote 102,699 words, 2017 saw a near 20% reduction to 83,774, 2018 dropped further to 60,990.  The most popular posts are about watch movements, WWII fighting/utility knives, and rifle barrel treatments.

I hope even if the word and post count declines quantitatively that there is a qualitative increase in content.

Since starting this blog back in 2015 I’ve earned a second Bachelors degree and my first (probably only) Masters degree, both in IT security (which is why I blog about such exciting things as virtual private networks and computer hardware from time to time). I’ve started the second class Intermediate Level Education (ILE) with the distance education Command and General Staff College option (so far, very little value gained from the academic experience).

I’ve also gotten 5 years older, also ran two half marathons and a ten miler. Last year was the “year of low carb” as my wife decided she wanted to lose some weight, and I figured I’d make it easy on her so I went low carb too. Dropped over 10% of my body weight. Over 12 months that’s less than 1% weight change per month, which seems healthy and sustainable. My wife also started tracking our budget and spending habits, which in turn caused some behavior changes to change how we spend money. A massive decrease in purchasing prepared foods allowed us to transition to the “low carb lifestyle” and still save money despite the increased grocery bill. A weird added benefit is that I can really handle the transition to “very hungry” much easier, evidently after a year of low carb my body transitions to burning stored fat much faster than before.


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