With all of the news being about Covid-19 all the time all the channels, I guess I need to address it.

  1. It’s best avoided if you can avoid it. Social distancing works. Despite the low death rate it can leave permanent organ damage and infertility.
  2. If you get it, isolating yourself is the best way to avoid passing it on to others. Pick one room, stay in it unless you are going to the one bathroom you use (that no one else uses). If you only have one bathroom, sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution after every time you use it. You’ll need about two weeks of food/water on hand so you don’t have to break isolation (or someone will have to deliver said items).
  3. Reports from France indicate that taking NSAIDs can worsen the disease. This is consistent with research findings that indicate you should wait 3 or 4 days into your symptoms to start treating a fever with NSAIDs in order to allow your body to let the COX enzymes trigger the immune response that leads to IgG and IgM formation.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Mix a sports drink 50/50 with water to ensure you keep your electrolytes up, and get some calories in you at the same time. Most deaths from fevers are really deaths from dehydration.
  5. After you recover, make a 10% bleach solution and spray/wipe it over all the surfaces of your house that you contaminated while sick. You can add a little liquid dish soap to the mix to make it foam and lift grease if you want additional cleaning power rather than just sterilizing.

I’m not particularly worried. Having been a “prepper” for quite a while now my family is pretty well set to shelter in place and wait out even a month long disaster. No “panic buying” for us, although it does make normal shopping more difficult (we try to avoid crowds).

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