Yellowtail Pinot Noir: Amazing Value

Perusing through the wine stacks, I saw a 1.5 liter bottle of Yellowtail Pinot Noir for less than eleven bucks, so I bought it. Generally even a cheap Pinot Noir is going to be expensive, so this is officially the cheapest bottle of Pinot Noir I’ve ever purchased.

This is an incredibly drinkable wine. Very light touch on the tannins and sour acid notes, hint of sweet and nice fruit flavor with some floral notes. Is it mind blowingly good? Probably not to a wine snob. Is it objectively good? Well, by any metric that wine people would use, yes it is well balanced and not offensive with a pleasant taste.

Currently I have some “blade steaks” marinating in this, which will be seared then slow braised after their 24 hour soak.  “Blade Steak” is a shoulder cut with lots of connective tissue, so a long slow braise will bring out that wonderful gelatin texture. But, having once opened a bottle of wine, it’s a crime to not drink a glass or two.

First, this wine tasted great without any decanting ritual to add oxygen to boost the flavor profile. I would not hesitate to crack the seal and pour for guests, serving the wine un-chilled at room temperature. For a robust red, that’s saying a lot, especially from me who has an aversion to traditional burgundy/claret wines.

So, is it the absolute best wine I’ve ever had? No. But is it a good wine? yes. Is it an affordable wine? yes. Will I likely reach for this in the future whenever I need to restock my red wine supply? Most definitely.


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