Black History Month

I believe that Black History is American History. But I also believe that success comes from a culture of accountability to yourself and your family, not a culture of victimhood. In that, I’ve selected some inspirational individuals who have publicly taken one of the bravest things an individual can possibly do, which is to not toe the leftist party line.

Black history didn’t start in 1619, and it didn’t end with the Civil Rights movement. And I am thankful that more Black Americans are finding their voice independent of the left, as freedom of thought and freedom of speech are absolutely required for all of us as citizens in this experiment with democracy.

Thomas Sowell,

Candace Owens,

Walter E. Williams,

Kathy Barnette,

Colion Noir:

Antonia Okafor,

Coleman Hughes,

Denzel Washington,

Kamaru Usman,

David Webb,

Larry Elder,

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