Dear Leftists

You hated Reagan, and you hated Bush (both of them), you loved Clinton and Obama, and you hate Trump, and now when responding to any issue with Biden you bring up Trump.

Reagan didn’t start a nuclear war with Russia. The Bushes both had problems with foreign policy, getting the US involved in wars in the middle east (but in terms of military deployments Clinton and Obama weren’t playing tiddlywinks either). Trump actually decreased operations, and Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan cannot be spun into anything but an executive giving orders that ignored the input of the intelligence community and defense leadership.

But how did you get Reagan? How did you get Trump? You got Reagan and Trump by forcing Carter and Obama on America. You got Carter by weaponizing journalists to go after Nixon. You got Obama by having journalists utterly shill for Obama and, I directly quote “not do their jobs” during the Obama years (including helping him get elected). The media was so in the corner for Biden that it wasn’t even funny, simply sad.

But…how did you get Nixon? Well, clearly bombing the hell out of America by the paramilitary wing of the Democratic party (the Weather Underground then, Antifa now) didn’t work at stopping a Republican from taking the White House. So yeah, that’s a surefire recipe for a successful “people’s revolution!” isn’t it? Of course now Biden is in office, so Antifa slowed down the hashtag resistance

Which makes me cringe a little when I read idiocy like this, which justifies killing people in the name of advancing the Leftist cause.  and .

Look Leftists, we know you are really hardcore Marxists at heart. You talk about “democratic socialism” as being different from real socialism because this time you really REALLY want the people to vote on the farm and factory quotas rather than a central committee. Newsflash, the rest of America knows you are Marxist, and we find it refreshing when you talk of bombing government workers who are working for a President you don’t like (even if they are doing the exact same work they did for your guy, somehow it’s icky now that Trump is in office rather than the Deporter in Chief).

But finally, it’s time to shit or get off the pot. Start the glorious revolution you so dearly desire if you truly mean it. Or shut up about it. Cause I for one am sick and tired of hear about how you want to punch non-Leftists in the face and kill their families. Or force them to get a shot in the arm. Or have the FBI investigate parents who prefer readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmatic to teaching elementary school children critical race theory that is simply cultural Marxism.

Now…this may cause me to rethink my stance on the 30-30 as the ideal survivalist rifle, only because a 30 round magazine is really convenient when you are outnumbered by a mob of Leftists. But then again, the Kenosha Kid didn’t need all 30 rounds to make it to safety either.


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