Oh Huffpo, you’ve Huffpo’d again…

So, the fearless David Fagin, who is simultaneously a Writer, musician, Trump Resister, food snob, is also the author of this little jem published at HuffingtonPost:

Becoming A Racist: The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Serving Your Country?
08/17/2017 12:18 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2017

And so now that slobbering fucktard deserves a good fisking. Don’t get excited Dave, I wrote FISKING, not FISTING. In case you are like others on the left, fisking is when someone thoroughly and amusingly points out the deficiencies in your words and logic. This is actually rather easy for me, because the only logic I found came in fallacy form.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Vice News’ Elle Reeve mentions that security for the neo-Nazis was not provided by the Charlottesville police, as one might expect, but by veterans of the Iraq/Afghan war.

To hear that these veterans claim they were ‘radicalized’ in Iraq and Afghanistan during their tours of duty is one of the more unfortunate things to come to light regarding the side-effects of serving your country.

By now, we’re all familiar with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and even with proper treatment, the debilitating state it can leave a returning soldier in, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

But to learn that these brave men and women over there return with a new-found hatred for those different from them, especially after their mission is one of liberation from those who kill and persecute anyone of different faiths/beliefs, is quite disturbing to say the least.

Look David, by now you are clearly not familiar with PTSD or you wouldn’t have made the classic Dunning-Kruger mistake of saying that we are all clearly familiar with PTSD. Is it the kind with anxiety? Or the kind with depression? Or the kind with anger issues? The self destructive kind? The mix of everything kind? No you simian fuckwit, “we” are not all familiar with PTSD.

Secondly, “to learn that these brave men and women over there return with a new-found hatred for those different from them…” is simply a logical fallacy called “begging the question.” You made your idiotic hypothesis that military service in a war zone makes you side with Nazis. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, an oath to support and defend the Constitution, might include those parts you don’t like such as a Nazi’s right to free speech? I know, veterans still defending other Americans right to exercise their Constitutional rights seems like a radical and crazy idea, but just try it on for size. Maybe the phrase, “I hate everything you say, but will defend with my life your right to say it.” still actually means something to some people.

Thirdly, just where the fuck do you think Soldiers come from? For decades now they’ve been mostly white Southern boys in the Infantry with smatterings from other parts of “flyover country” mixed in. Them country boys don’t give a gnats ass what the hell some trump resisting food snob thinks, and more than a few are pissed about the campaign to tear down statues and start rewriting history. While others are fighting statue destroying ISIS in the middle east, others are fighting statue destroying extremists here.

But to think that even a small portion of them are returning from duty harboring feelings of such intense anger and disgust toward anyone who isn’t white, leads one to believe the military isn’t doing enough in the area of outreach, post-discharge. After all, not every soldier returns with a desire to protect and defend those with beliefs and convictions that stand in direct contrast to everything our military has fought against, and fights against as we speak. But, however small the percentage is, running security for white supremacists is quite a unique avenue regarding symptoms/display of PTSD, and these individuals obviously need help.

Most of us know someone, either a friend or relative, who’s returned home from the Middle East suffering from PTSD. And, tragically, most of us know someone who’s not been given the help and assistance they deserve from the country they’ve fought to defend.

Once again, this is a logical fallacy about the intent of people David first heard about on Anderson Cooper. This is pure fucking “mind reading” fallacy on David’s part, because unless he has some magical powers to look into the soul and motivation of people he has never even met, much less know any of their names, then he needs to shut the hell up and sit down.

Seriously, you don’t know and most of your friends don’t know anyone, friend or relative, who has served. Sure there are millions of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, and if you actually KNEW any of them you’d find that the ones passionate enough about either free speech or Nazi ideology are still a pretty distinct minority. And David, you never bothered to figure out if those armed veterans were armed for civil rights or for Nazi ideology, because you are a lazy sack of shit excuse for a human being.

The utter failure by our so-called Commander-in-Chief to condemn these hate groups has prompted the leaders of our armed forces to do the unthinkable, to step out of rank with the president and speak out against it, themselves. And, while their action is commendable, the military needs to focus their attention on treating this new type of expression of their trauma, as, although returning from battle steadfast in the “Us vs. Them” mentality is nothing new, taking a job as security guard for neo-nazis, is.

Except not. Had “AntiFa” not bothered to show up with their silly counter protest nothing bad would have happened, the President was very much in the correct saying that there was blame on both sides, the International Socialist Fascists and the National Fascists were both to blame.

There is only one side to this fence, and to think we’re not only welcoming home members of the armed forces whose opinions and beliefs have been shattered and damaged due to their perilous environment, but who find solace in a President willing to condone those twisted beliefs, rather than make it his mission to do everything he can to help them, makes one worry about where the next Charlottesville will be, and who, exactly, we’ll be fighting.

You know what Gell-Mann Amnesia is? It’s when a reader forgets that the author just discredited himself with an “us versus them” denouncement by immediately, in the very next paragraph, declaring there is only “one side to this fence” and tacitly admitting that he plans on fighting some other side…. It’s a level of absurdity and failure of self awareness that unfortunately passes for leadership on the Left these days.

Seriously David, don’t pick fights with veterans. That’s a penny’s worth of free advice that you really should take to heart.

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A lesson learned from the Balkans

The Balkan region of Europe has many different “tribes” of people living in it, and many of them have “cultural grievances” against the other tribes. A cultural grievances is something passed down, like a carefully preserved family recipe, and given to the next generation. If you ask random Croatian about random Serbian, you will generally be able to get a pretty good sense that the two groups don’t like each other, but there will be no specific reasons why either the Croatian or Serbian don’t like each other, only that their groups don’t like each other.

Group identify, a “cultural grievance” and no possible way to actually address the “cultural grievance” (because all of the people involved in generating the grievance are dead, and have been dead for centuries) creates the toxic political mix where civil wars, and “Balkanization” happens. “Cultural Grievances” often continue on because they are impossible to satisfy, creating a perpetuating cycle of group identity by common complaint.

The first reason that “cultural grievances” are toxic is that they poison all good faith attempts at reconciliation. This is because participants will demand that the “cultural grievance” be addressed (often an impossible task) before any ACTUAL grievances can be addressed. An actual grievance like unequal distribution of services or blatantly tribal preference policies, where things could actually change, continue on because Group X had a goat stolen by Group Y an unspecified number of generations ago. I kid you not, sometimes it really is that stupid.

The second reason that “cultural grievances” are toxic is that it creates the social approval mechanism for out group violence. Well, if they aren’t a member of Group X, and they are a member of Group Y, well they DESERVE to receive the righteous and culturally justified violence delivered upon them by Group X. Meanwhile, this gives Group Y an actual grievance (violence visited upon them simply by being a member of a particular group) and gives Group Y the justification for “defensive violence.” When Ghandi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” he was speaking about this continual cycle of cultural violence between groups.

The third reason that “cultural grievances” are toxic is because they propagate on an emotional rather than logical level. Logic cannot address a cultural grievance, because people feel emotionally wronged even if they cannot explain logically why they personally were wronged. In American it is quite common to see minorities lament that “they oppress us” without ever using the phrase, “he oppresses me.” Why is this? Because it provides the convenient scapegoat of a cultural boogeyman. Any time something bad happens to a member of the in group, it can be blamed on the “cultural grievance” rather than any individual choice or consequence of the in group member. This is why many young black men helping widows and orphans across the street on their way to church choir practice are gunned down by racist white men (even if they end up with the “white hispanic” modifier for having a Germanic last name). “Ballistic sanctification” means that all sorts of good things will be said about the deceased because he was a member of the “in group” and the survivor will be painted as a racist hatey hater bigot because he is a member of the out group.

And lastly, “cultural grievances” are toxic because they lead first to riots, and then to civil war. In America the riots are all cultural touchpoints. The Rodney King Riots. The Watts Riots. Ferguson. Baltimore. Black Lives Matter. No matter how fair or impartial a government agency or judicial outcome is, the “cultural grievance” can be used to justify violence. Riots are not a good sign.

So, what can we do about “cultural grievances?” Nothing really. Until a leader inside the culture rises up who can help shift the culture to one where the cultural grievance is no longer a source of power for those who want to incite violence, things will remain the same. Of course recognizing that something is toxic is always a good thing, but how to get people to recognize that their own attitudes and beliefs are hurting themselves? We still have NATO troops in the Balkans working on three decades now, because these things linger.

Comments are open.

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An example of “cultural grievance.”

You can find the entire article here: https://sojo.net/articles/our-white-friends-desiring-be-allies “For Our White Friends Desiring To Be Allies.”

If you don’t want to read her words, I have given the quick paraphrase here just to “sum up” the entirety of her argument.

1. Shut up, whitey.
2. Shut up, really this time, cracker.
3. Read a bunch of authors that believe in systemic racism, because only minority authors have valid opinions on history and culture.
4. Never express any sort of disbelief, you ain’t been there honkey.
5. Don’t ask questions until you’ve exhausted all other sources.
6. Never mention colorblindness, because you did read all the minority authors back in step 3 right?
7. Pay us for being black, seriously. We don’t care about your ancestors, simply because you are white you enjoy “privilege” and therefore need to pay people of color.

So here’s my response.

1. No. My voice will not be silenced simply because you think it unfair because I’m white.
2. No. My voice will not be silenced by political correctness.
3. No. I will not support a cultural grievance that can NEVER be satisfied.
4. No. There are too many fake “hate crimes” committed by minorities in order to “raise consciousness” to take anything at face value.
5. No. The “I’m tired, emotional work isn’t free/takes a toll” excuse for not explaining yourself is a bullshit cop out.
6. No. There are things that should be colorblind, such as hiring and promotion practices in order to eliminate personal biases. There are things that shouldn’t be colorblind, like scholarships to advance certain minorities.
7. No. Reparations are unworkable. The black community can’t agree on what “reparations” should look like (is it the 40 acres and a mule? is it a one time payment? is it a lifetime payment? How much? Only for black people who had slave ancestors? Or including black people who emigrated freely after the end of slavery?). Reparations would do nothing to enable black citizens to be better represented and integrated into society, and it would do nothing for equality.

But, since this is my blog, and I’ve had enough nonsense from race and class dividers, I’m going to share a snippet of crazy from the originally linked article.

Colorblindness is totally impossible in a nation whose land was taken from the indigenous inhabitants through an attempt at genocide and horrific colonization. The same nation that enslaved humans and exploited them in every way imaginable built a nation on their backs, hung them, hunted them, and for centuries kept them from their basic inalienable rights and still does.  The same nation that exploits and deports immigrants who were promised refuge within the American Constitution. The same nation that incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II and continues to promote bigotry, exclusion, and violence against LGBTQ/gender non-identifying folks. This nation that allows swastika-wearing, Confederate-flag-toting, anti-Semitic racists to have a platform for their hate. The same nation that promised religious freedom, yet targets those who do not believe in a white, capitalist Jesus.

1. You are saying that colonization is bad because natives couldn’t effectively resist, but protecting immigrants is good because of “The Constitution?” Seriously, lady, which is it, colonization or immigration? And FYI, Immigrants are not promised refuge in the Constitution. Since there was no functioning government to handle immigration for “white settlers” it is a cop out to call it “colonization” rather than “immigration.”
2. The Nation is what? The Federal government that did the incarceration which has Federal equality standards and guidelines in place to prevent discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or ethnic heritage? Or is “The Nation” a collection of people you disagree with?
3. Yes “This Nation” allows swastika wearing, Confederate flag toting racists to exercise freedom of speech (that part is ACTUALLY in the constitution, as opposed to some made up promise of refugees to immigrants). This is what allows you to write stupid made up clauses into the the Constitution, and allows me to mock you for your ignorance.
4. Yeah, the “white capitalist Jesus” thing… Look lady, you can’t end racism by being a racist. If you are trying to refer to Muslims, you just dismissed all security concerns in the exact same paragraph where you hated on white immigrants for using violence to attain political power over an indigenous population. Think about that for a moment, if you are capable, and realize that white people understand the power of political violence, and so do Muslims.

Now, it could be that the cultural grievances laid out by Courtney Ariel are things she really believes, with the core of her being. However her beliefs are how the process of Balkanization takes place, separating people who share a common language one grievance at a time until it becomes ok to kill each other because each side has the social approval to do so by their culture. The real difference between Courtney Ariel and the KKK? No one with any sort of social or political power takes the KKK seriously, whereas Courtney is expressing a mainstream viewpoint taken very seriously by the Left.

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Privacy and anonymity on the internet

Way back in the day of dial up modems it was relatively easy to be functionally “anonymous” on the internet. Every time you dialed in you got assigned a possibly different IP address, and you could have accounts with as many ISPs as you cared to dial into. Most services were free, simply requiring an online user request form be filled out that would never be validated against any sort of ID requirement (with some exceptions).

Now…anonymity on the internet is a bit harder. Most everyone is using a “constant on” broadband connection to the point where your IP address (or if you want to talk cell phones the IMEI and IMSI numbers) are easy to pinpoint your activity to you. At least if you are an ISP or government agency. So essentially there is no more anonymity on the internet, not if anyone is bothering to look for you. VPNs can help, but then you are at the mercy of the VPN to protect your anonymity.

But is there privacy? This is essentially the same as anonymity with the added bonus that financial transactions with legitimate sellers really do try to protect your account information. Some of this is because of laws and regulations of course (the technologies existed before the regulations, it simply became prohibitive to not use good encryption technologies). But these tech solutions aren’t perfect, and the financial transactions themselves are generally not secret. They want you to tell all your friends on social media that you just bought a new video card from some corporation.

But is there true anonymity and privacy? Well, even if you are a government agency looking to be “covert” with your spy planes you can be found out from publicly available records: https://www.buzzfeed.com/peteraldhous/hidden-spy-planes?utm_term=.tcpVDN3ago#.pojaJdQ86O

After all, this is WHY intelligence agencies collect such harmless things as “metadata” and Congress continues to allow the programs to continue: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/02/us/politics/nsa-phone-records.html

Everything you do that can leave a record, does. Every thing that is recorded, can be analyzed. Being anonymous on the internet…not for the unskilled anymore. Why does this matter? Google knows everything you do, and they are not on the side of people who form opinions contrary to groupthink: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/08/10/im-not-a-sexist-fired-google-engineer-stands-behind-controversial-memo/?utm_term=.d73708a4f8ba  And if Google knows everything you do, well, so does everyone else:  http://www.salon.com/2014/11/16/googles_secret_nsa_alliance_the_terrifying_deals_between_silicon_valley_and_the_security_state/

This is the new normal, and know one cares.

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Lonely Cat Lady Criticizes Other Woman’s Husband for Publicly Finding His Wife Attractive

Do you ever want to know why feminists can’t be pleased? Enter one Sam Escobar, who chooses to use “they” pronouns rather than gendered pronouns. Sam lives in NY, with two cats, and has published for a long string of left leaning woman’s media.

Sam Escobar
Sam Escobar has previously held editor roles at Bustle.com and GoodHousekeeping.com. They have been published by The Observer, Esquire.com, Cosmopolitan.com, Brooklyn Magazine, and more, and they have been profiled by Us Weekly, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and Grazia. They live in Brooklyn with their two cats, Dorito and Rorschach.

Well, kudos on them for that.


Lives in Brooklyn with two cats…

So, to set the stage a man who shared his own personal growth towards accepting that his personal tastes in what is “attractive” on his Instagram account.  Was his message for women? No, his message was pretty clearly written for other men who may still be struggling with how to resolve perceived societal expectations and norms with personal desires and opinions and women who may be struggling with body issues because they feel like they can’t get love without changing their body to some more socially acceptable version.

Mr. Tripp was clearly not addressing a lonely bitter woman living with two cats. But what the hell, this is the internet and everybody gets a say. So what good feminist wouldn’t pass up a chance to tell a man that “you’re doing it wrong”? like Sam Escobar did here?


I do not, however, love when men all but congratulate themselves for their preferences in women. “There’s nothing sexier to me than a woman who is both curvy and confident,” he writes, blissfully unaware that he is still telling women how to look and feel.

Ooooooh…that’s some strong language. Exactly what did Mr. Tripp tell women how to look and feel?

Guys, rethink what society has told you that you should desire. A real woman is not a porn star or a bikini mannequin or a movie character. She’s real. She has beautiful stretch marks on her hips and cute little dimples on her booty. Girls, don’t ever fool yourself by thinking you have to fit a certain mold to be loved and appreciated. There is a guy out there who is going to celebrate you for exactly who you are, someone who will love you like I love my Sarah.

Wow, that’s some blissfully unaware encouragement. I mean, how incredibly toxic is it to encourage women to not think they have to change themselves to be loved and appreciated? Who knew that encouragement was sexist?

Maybe there isn’t someone out there for Sam Escobar who will love them the way that Tripp loves Sarah? Maybe that’s why they celebrate living in Brooklyn where an actual “man shortage” does exist? http://nypost.com/2015/08/25/hey-ladies-here-are-8-reasons-youre-single/  then again, this piece in The Village Voice is possibly the most honest piece of feminist writing I’ve ever read about the plight of women’s relationships with men in NY: https://www.villagevoice.com/2011/02/09/dear-single-women-of-nyc-its-not-them-its-you/ (TL:DR version, the big city gives women so many options that they suffer from “paralysis by analysis” in choosing or not choosing a mate).

If I were going to fall prey to the “mind reading fallacy” and ascribe some sort of motivation to Sam’s words I could wax long and poetic about how she is simply bitter because she has two cats rather than her own Tripp who loves her exactly as she is. But that would be the easy way out, so lets just assume for a second that she really does believe that men should just shut up about any personal growth for reasons. I may not understand what her reasons are, but this clearly falls into the “ugh, men!” trait of feminism. For those who don’t understand, when a feminist can’t explain something logically, they will simply go “ugh, men!” and then attack men for being men rather than defend their actions or words with reason and logic. After all, reason and logic support the patriarchy http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/03/why-rationalism-is-irrational/ (that link is from 2016, but the question about whether logic is a tool of oppression has been around for a bit longer than that https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20141206144435AA41Ty1)

In short, everything a man does isn’t good enough for a feminist. Like big girls? Whether you speak up or stay silent this is wrong. If you speak up you are telling women what to think, and if you stay silent you are allowing society to perpetuate unhealthy stereotypes.

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Barrel Heat and Wandering Groups

There is an old “everyone knows” myth about barrels having “internal stresses” that can show up when the barrel heats by shifting the zero, or opening up groups. It’s a fine hypothesis in that it does explain the observed phenomena, however, it is wrong.

Barrels have been “stress relieved” for years, and all the “stresses” in a barrel have to add up to a total of “zero” as the barrel isn’t moving. So all the “stresses” in a barrel at rest equal out.

So, what does cause the “group opening up” and “wandering zero” problems? Heat, fouling, and non-uniform dimensions. But first, some background material.

The first thing you need to know is that every barrel has it’s own harmonics, and these cause the muzzle to whip about as it vibrates during the firing cycle. Changes to barrel time cause the bullet to leave the muzzle at different points in the harmonic cycle, which causes group size to increase.

The second thing you need to know is that there are many things that cause changes in barrel time. Load inconsistencies (bullet weight or geometric dimensions, powder charge, primer power levels) are one that don’t involve the barrel at all, but it should go without saying that shooting inconsistent ammo will give you inconsistent results.

But, with those two pieces of background information, on to heat, fouling, and non-uniform dimensions.

Heat causes metal expansion and strength changes. This doesn’t make the bore of the barrel larger, as the point of expansion is in the center of any given piece of steel, which in the case of a barrel is between the interior bore and the exterior surface. The exterior gets larger, the interior gets squished smaller. This causes a change in the force needed to get the bullet through the barrel and therefore changes the internal ballistics enough that it can affect the exterior ballistics.

Heat also causes the strength of the barrel steel to change to a “softer” or less strong state. A cyclic rate of fire can cause a barrel to fail on an M16 or M240B, so at some point in that heating cycle the barrel steel got hot enough to no longer be able to contain the pressure of a cartridge in the act of discharging and the steel offered less resistance to pressure than the bore, and “pop” goes the side of the barrel. For normal civilian use, this isn’t a concern as the temperatures are in the much lower end of the steel strength scale and therefore much less loss of strength. But even at the low end this can change the “tuning” of the barrel, as if you take three one inch rods of the same length but different materials, you would get a different sound when you struck each to listen for the resonant tone. This is why a metal vibraphone and a wooden xylophone sound different, as the different materials resonate distinctly.

Fouling causes an increase in friction, which causes changes in barrel timing and bullet velocity. Copper fouling and powder fouling both decrease the effective bore dimension and change the coefficient of friction. Because metal is generally “more slick” between two dissimilar metals, a layer of jacket fouling in the bore will be the most friction scenario for your rifle barrel. This causes a change in barrel timing, which causes a change in barrel harmonics, causing the bullet to exit the muzzle at a different point in the vibration.

Non-uniform barrel dimensions, especially in terms of concentric bore to external barrel and an out of true receiver fit, cause actual “stresses” or forces to appear as metal expands at different rates in the barrel (thin pieces heat through more quickly than thick pieces) and an out of true barrel to receiver mating will cause a moment effect as the steel pressure increases more on one side than the other.

Now, if you add all of this together, heat causing the bore to constrict which compounds the fouling problem, while the steel changes slightly in resonant pitch, and any non-uniform dimensions or untrue mating surfaces heat up to distort the barrel, you have a full explanation of the “wandering zero” or “shifting groups” problems often associated with thin rifle barrels.

So, how do you get a thin rifle barrel that doesn’t have these problems?

Stress relieve the barrel as normal during manufacturing. Machine the final exterior contour true to the bore so that there are uniform dimensions. Use a rifling profile that minimizes fouling (3r, 5r, or Polygonal for example). And finally install the barrel into the rifle so that all the mating surfaces are true. If you do that, then you should have a rifle with a lightweight barrel that holds zero even when shot hot.

Other things to consider.

Having a uniform barrel on a blueprinted action will do you no good if you have a stock design that limits barrel cooling on one side. Traditional stock designs suck at this, as the forend blocks a lot of radiative and convective cooling of the underside of the barrel even if the barrel is free floated. A 20 degree difference over 12 inches of barrel steel is going to produce between 1/3 and 2/3 MOA of deflection from normal, and also mess with the barrel harmonics something fierce. Most barrel harmonic simulators involve steel of uniform properties (heat, strength) and are mathematically perfect (everything is uniform), so anything that isn’t, is going to go well into the uncharted territories of “Well, I’ve got no clue what will actually happen to your groups.”

This is why a lot of lightweight hunting rifles don’t shoot well with a free floated barrel, and instead use a “pressure pad” at the front of the forend to provide a tuning point the same way a guitarist uses their finger to change the pitch of a string as it is plucked. Essentially the pressure pad raises the pitch, and the conservation of energy tells us that since amplitude will be dampened and the frequency must increase, so you can get a lower muzzle deflection across a larger range of bullet barrel times and velocities.

If you have a rifle like an AR, or “Tube Gun” style bolt action rifle (popular in Palma and High Power) then you can easily wrap the barrel in a free float tube which gives much more uniform cooling for radiation and convection.

Now, if any of you are still clinging to the “internal stress” explanation, let me point out that cold hammer forged barrels are the most “stressed” of any barrel manufacturing process. And cold hammer forged barrels perform the same as traditional drilled bore barrels made using cut or button rifling when it comes to heat. After all, all those stresses in a CHF barrel still have to add up to zero, and if you apply uniform heat to the barrel then you should get uniform changes to all those stresses still adding up to “zero.” Even in a highly “stressed” CHF barrel the real culprit is heat, fouling, and inconsistent dimensions rather than some non-measurable “internal stress.” One of the great benefits of CHF manufacturing is that if the steel isn’t highly uniform structurally and chemically to begin with, you won’t even get a barrel at the end.

Comments are open for bitches, gripes, complaints, stories, anecdotes, jokes, and musings.

For More Reading:

https://www.shootingsoftware.com/ftp/Pressure%20Factors.pdf (pay attention to the effect of barrel temperature on bullet performance outlined here!)
https://wanderingthroughthenight.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/reloading-rifle-powder-temperature-sensitivity/ (something I wrote a while back, applies mainly to “clean cold bore” shots in a hunting rifle and longer strings for competition shooters).
http://firearmshistory.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-effect-of-temperature-on-ammunition.html (a brief introduction on environmental impacts on bullet flight)
http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/404467.pdf (a very thorough explanation of how barrels heat unevenly from the breech forward)

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Millennial Soldiers and Radio Emissions

Major Cavanaugh, Army Strategist, laments the fact that today’s youths are attached at the hand to some sort of smart device 24/7 which emits easily detectable radio emissions.


Also, while it is true that millennials, as “digital natives,” are tech-savvy—they are also equally tech-dependent. A recent Nielson report found that 97 percent of Americans aged eighteen to thirty-four had access to smartphones; use has become “second nature.” Most won’t travel across town without their iPhones.

Why is this abundance and dependence a problem? For starters, it deviates from historical norms, so Americans are apt to fail to recognize this growing vulnerability.

Second, it gives near-peer competitors a weakness to exploit. Russia’s shown it can shut down phones and airwaves, and failing at this type of electro-magnetic spectrum warfare is punctuated by Gen. Milley’s favorite new catchphrase: “if you emit, you die.” That’s a problem when your army is filled with folks who “emit” 97 percent of the time (and can’t imagine not emitting).

Major Cavanaugh thinks this is an extreme vulnerability, and that the US Army is not doing enough to address this. An “Army Strategist” is a Functional Area 59, or “Army Strategist” and their job is to work on the big stuff, you know “strategy.”

The Officers you should probably care about listening to about Millennials with their smart devices, would be a Functional Area 29, or Electronic Warfare Officer (the Army will soon end the FA29 program and move Electronic Warfare Officers to the Cyber career management field with the MOS 17B, sometime in FY19).

So, asking the opinion of an Electronic Warfare Officer who shall remain nameless, he isn’t worried at all about Millennial Soldiers and their cell phones. He is worried about the Army’s “Network Centric Warfare” model which requires constant radio access and wireless data links to function as designed. The unnamed EWO also mentioned that he’s seen a Brigade TAC become completely non-functional for weeks at a time by an OPFOR that was armed with two Electronic Support backpacks and commercial radio controlled aircraft (aka “drones”). He also pays attention to what is going on in east Ukraine and understands why MAJ Cavanaugh is worried about Millennials with their cell phones.

The reason why the Army’s network centric warfare model is much more disturbing is that it is based on the assumption that superior information (ie “information dominance”) will lead to operational dominance (ie “controlling the battlespace”) which will translate into tactical dominance (ie “winning the fight”). The problem with this is that it is “sort of true” but demonstrably wrong.

To demonstrate why the assumptions about network centric warfare is wrong, look at the game of chess. In the game of chess there is no “fog of war” there is no “information advantage” to either player. The game of chess is as even a fight as you can get, but it is damn near impossible to tell who will win until one side makes an obvious mistake. This is why so many games between chess masters and grand masters result in a draw.

The US Army has ways of dealing with Soldiers who bring unauthorized personal equipment into the field or theater of war. The US Army doesn’t have a good way of cutting its current and cultural dependence on line of sight satellite and radio links, tactical radios, and network services. Worrying about fraction of a watt smartphones is “penny wise, pound foolish” in terms of the many tens to hundreds of watt emitters the Army brings along just to conduct business as usual outside of a garrison environment.

Personally I am not worried about the Millennial generation, as they have been filling the ranks of the 75th Ranger Regiment and various Special Forces groups for quite some time now, as well as the 82nd and 101st Airborne, and many less prestigious units. In short, the Millennial generation has been fighting and dying in the “war on a noun” for well over a decade at this point. Sure the Millennial generation as a whole leaves a lot to be desired, but the Millennial generation that is volunteering to serve? They have done all right.

After all, the 1% that volunteer for military service aren’t typical of the 97% of their generation that so incense MAJ Cavanaugh. Sure there are plenty of smartphone users in the military, but all those Soldiers going through Infantry OSUT or MI AIT learn quick fast and in a hurry that a cell phone isn’t for privates in the Army. Especially not out on patrol, or heaven forbid in a SCIF.

So, what do you think of MAJ Cavanaugh’s hand wringing? Is it simply a case of an old guy griping about kids on his lawn? Or is the Millennial Generation a threat to national security by their built in weaknesses?

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