The death of a chef

The apparent suicide of Anthony Bourdain kicked off an all day media blitz.

But really no one was talking about the “big issues.”

The average age of a male veteran who commits suicide is 59. Anthony was 61. Similarly Robin Williams was 63 when he took his life.

In each case there are obvious social and medical complications where men approaching in the six decade range are literally the most vulnerable population for suicide in the United States. And yet we aren’t talking about funding increases for Lewy Body Dimentia as was a contributing factor for Williams, or the fact that single elderly men are more who are unlikely to find stable companionship are the dead center of male suicide demographics…

But even then, Bourdain had a young daughter, an ongoing career and public identity, and so unless his autopsy reveals something like Lewy Body Dimentia or cancer, it may just remain a mystery.

The first step in improving a bad situation is honestly acknowledging that a problem exists, and that is really all that this post is about. I don’t know how to make 59 through 63 year old men not kill themselves, but maybe someone out there has better ideas than what I’ve come across.